Set it. Sit back. Grow your property portfolio.

Earn 3%+ income, and more when your portfolio increases in value.


Rental income
(Yearly forecast*)

You earn rent from the tenants we place in your properties. This qualifies for the £5,000 UK tax free dividend allowance each year.*


Changes in
Property Value

If property prices rise, you make money. Any gains qualify for the £11,300 UK tax-free capital gains allowance each year.

  • Make automatic investments into properties handpicked by leading UK experts
  • Earn 5% interest as soon as you deposit funds
  • We are offering 5% Enhanced Rental Income on all new residential listings, up from an average rental yield of * terms apply
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Capital at risk: before investing please read Key Risks.

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financial and regulatory audit

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Auto-invest is simple

Invest an initial lump sum

Start off with a lump payment, and we’ll split it across five properties. You can repeat this anytime you like.

Set a monthly amount

Top up your portfolio each month. We’ll send a monthly statement with the properties you’ve invested in. You can track their progress on your dashboard.

Sell your investment

Offer your investment for sale at any time, or exit at market value after five years.**

"Diversification is the cornerstone of any good investment strategy. We handpick properties to build our investors a balanced portfolio."
- Robert Weaver, Director of Property