£15m returned to investors through Resale Market

Since our launch in January 2015, we have returned £15 million of capital to investors who have chosen to exit their positions and realise capital returns.

The £15 million horizon was reached when one investor crystallised a holding of £40k in one property. Having held for a year and nine months, they sold for 22% above what they originally paid–a total return of 31% when dividends are factored in.

Here is a breakdown what has been achieved through our Resale market so far*:

  • 8,400 investors have invested
  • 4,250 investors have sold shares
  • 179,000 total transactions
  • 78 currently available investments

According to the June 2017 edition of our transparency blog Open House, the weighted average time to sell on the Resale market was 2.9 days.** While property is more of a long-term investment, you know that you can enter and exit the property market as and when you need to at a fair price with Property Partner.

See what deals you can find on the Resale market, now:



*Statistics correct as of 10th July 2017
**Time to sell is calculated as a weighted average of the time it takes to sell shares at or below the 30 day weighted average share price.