Unlocking Crossrail – Finding deals on our Resale market

Crossrail – or the Elizabeth Line – is nearing completion, and has already brought substantial capital growth across London’s property market. However, our Director of Property, Robert Weaver, believes that the real value of Crossrail has yet to come:

“The majority of private buyers are buying for their commute now, rather than in several years time – meaning that the real value will arrive ‘when the trains start rolling in’.”

As we speed ever closer towards Crossrail’s completion, our Resale market represents a unique opportunity to access Crossrail property, not just easily, but also at discounts of up to 12% to the Latest Valuation.

A winning deal – for buyer and seller

Our investors clearly recognise the value of Crossrail. 70% of all investors in Crossrail property have chosen to hold on to these investments. Of those who have sold, 95% have done so above the price the property was originally listed for, and 97% of Crossrail properties currently offered on the Resale market are above initial listing price.

For those looking to buy on Resale, these listings represent discounts of 0.2% – 12%* to the latest valuation. Some of our investors have already fed back positively, in the knowledge that they could not find this type of deal themselves.

A track record, set to continue?

Our analysis shows that all 40 stations along the 73-mile line have seen house prices rise significantly in the 10 years since the project was announced, with areas such as Hanwell seeing over 50%.

The first passenger services for Crossrail are set to begin in May 2017, with the full service completed by December 2019. With our Resale market, Crossrail’s value doesn’t have to be locked away. We currently have 29 Crossrail properties, accessible at a click. To view our Crossrail properties, just click below:


You can view Crossrail properties any time by filtering by ‘Crossrail’ at the top of the properties page.

*Accurate at the time of posting.