Open House – December 2016

Open House: December 2016

Welcome to our Open House series. Every month we open the doors on our data to share information about our community, investment performance and measures of liquidity in our Resale market. The series is born of our commitment to data transparency, and we hope you find it useful.
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Our Investors

Since our January 2015 launch, over 9,060 investors have started to build their property portfolio with us.



In that time, investors have invested £44.0m, £33.2m of which is in New Listings, and £10.8m in Resale properties.



Investor portfolio size


Note: Data displayed includes all investors who made an investment on or before 1st January 2017.

Our investors have portfolios ranging significantly in size. 15% of investors have invested more than £5,000 and 48% more than £500. Many have invested much larger amounts, in excess of £100,000. Since investors typically invest regular amounts, those investors that joined Property Partner earlier tend to have invested greater amounts.


Our Properties


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Note: Properties in order of when they were fully funded. Data correct at 1st January 2017.

Investors are coming back again and again, with 72% holding multiple properties with us. New investors represent 10% of all investors across the last 5 properties: 90% of investments in those properties were made by those who had invested with us previously and represent ‘repeat’ business.


Number of properties users have invested in


Note: Includes all investors who made an investment on or before 1st January 2017.

45% of investors have invested in over three properties, 17% have invested in over ten properties, and 257 investors have invested in 30 or more properties. Diversification is important, as it provides some protection against volatility of returns.


Rental Income

To date, we have never underpaid a dividend.


(Properties highlighted green have exceeded forecasts)

In some cases, we have managed to secure higher rent than originally forecast when the properties were listed on the platform. This will result in higher dividends for investors in these properties.

In some instances, where properties were acquired vacant, it took us longer to find tenants than anticipated. This was often down to ourselves, as we are highly selective with the tenants we allow to rent our properties, so we chose to fund any such gaps ourselves rather than let this impact dividend payments. Whilst we do not guarantee this practice, we anticipate continuing it for the foreseeable future.


Property Valuations

Our properties are carefully selected by our property team, who have a huge depth and variety of experience, and are led by one of the UK’s leading property experts. Together they have a grand total of 68 years, 23,300 units and £1.54 billion experience – and use this to select properties with a view to delivering capital growth as well as rental income. You can read more about our property team here.

All of our properties are independently valued by an RICS qualified Chartered Surveyor at purchase, and through our 3-monthly valuation cycle thereafter. All revaluations occur on the 5th of that month, or the nearest working day thereafter.


Latest Valuation for each property

In grey – HPI based valuations up to June 2016; after June 2016, previous Quarterly Chartered Surveyor desktop valuations. In black – Quarterly Chartered Surveyor desktop valuations.


The above valuations feed into the Latest Share Valuation for each property, after adjusting for purchase costs and other items, and you can download an Excel tracker of the historic share price movements here. The Excel tracker is updated monthly and will allow you to track the performance of each individual property. This data will be integrated into the platform in the months to come.


The Resale market

Property Partner investors can withdraw capital by offering their investment for sale at any time, or they can exit at market value after five years. (Read more about 5-yearly mechanics here). Investors can also bid for property shares on the Resale market, to let sellers know the price they’re willing to pay. Learn more about this, here.

Here we share key measures of the Resale market, including time to sell, trading volumes, and a download of trading activity allowing you to perform your own analysis. This includes key metrics from the Bid Engine.

To date, 92% of all secondary trading has taken place at a premium to the property’s Initial ‘New Listing’ Price. Shares offered for sale at a discount to the New Listing price had an average time to sell of 3 days and 22 hours.

The time to sell shares at a premium to the New Listing price, but at a discount to the Latest Share Valuation is impacted by investors exploiting the opportunity to cash in short term gains. Shares that were sold at a premium to ‘New Listing’ price and discount to Latest Share Valuation took 12 days and 21 hours to sell on average.

Trading volumes have been meaningful: 33.40% of the total property portfolio has traded in the Resale market. This figure varies substantially by property, with ‘older’ properties (those funded many months ago) generally seeing more trading volume than more recent properties, since they have had a longer time in which to trade. Our first property has been 145% traded on the Resale market already (i.e. over 1,450,000 of its 1,000,000 shares have traded in the Resale market)

The property-by-property data is below, in order of property launch (with the earliest launched properties at the top of the table):


Through the Bid Engine, 960 investors have placed bids so far. To date we have seen 3,673 resale transactions matched by bids, amounting to a total of £782,999. On average these trades have been at a 2.63% premium to initial listing price.

Currently, the Resale market has 2,397 outstanding bids, equating to £759,979. Of these, £83,377 can be matched, as bidders can place the maximum available funds they have across multiple properties. (The first bids to match will complete, and the rest will be cancelled, or reduced, accordingly.)

We have also prepared a full download of Resale trading activity, including all transactions matched through bids, which you can access here. This spreadsheet allows you to review trading by property, including the trade date, trade price, premium to Initial Valuation, and premium to Latest Share Valuation.


In Summary

Since our January 2015 launch, Property Partner has helped over 9,060 investors to build their personal property portfolios. Our properties have consistently delivered rental incomes at or above forecast, in addition to attractive capital gains.

We have already seen 33.40% of property shares traded on the Resale market, and for our first-funded property, 145% of the shares have been traded. The length of time taken to sell shares in the Resale market varies according to the price at which shares are offered.

We will continue to share information and data, to give investors like you a clear view on our performance. And for those of you who are not yet investors, we hope that this data will help you make an informed decision as to whether you would like to join us.

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